What We Do

In Manitoba, the National Week for Life and the Family promotes several events and actively works to enrich faith and community throughout the National week in May, but also extends the celebration to both before and following the National week (May 12-19, 2019).  Every year the committee focuses on a new topic and theme that is pertinent to the church and families today. The theme for 2019 is: "Listening to the Gospel as a Family".  The tri-diocesan committee seeks to offer events, activities and initiatives that promote the strengthening of families, the unity of the church community and takes on the challenges that families face in our world today, especially with regards to the unborn, children and the elderly.  This year’s focus will be on “renewing the family bond” and will have two main elements – “Receiving the Gospel” and “Sharing the Gospel”.


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We are inspired to meet the needs of parishioners.

“I feel it’s important to belong to the NWLF committee because we are inspired to meet the needs of parishioners and also work to positively impact society by both challenging the status quo and actively journeying alongside families, the pre-born, and the elderly.”

— Nadine Fetherston

We need to be strong witness of the Faith.

“Our families today are leading very busy lives. So much so that they don’t always take or have the time to reflect on what our Catholic Church teaches regarding the sacredness of life, family life issues regarding abortion, cohabitation, pornography, end of life decision, among other things.”

— Marilyn Krochak

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We need to be able to have respectful discussions.

“I am very motivated by the attacks on the family in our nation, especially when it comes to abortion, pornography, the scandalization of our children by the media, and the education and ‘health-care’ systems. We need to reach our Catholic families to ensure they are equipped and willing to respectfully discuss these issues with friends and neighbours.”

— Tim Scatliff

Prayer by the family, prayer for the family, and prayer with the family. In and through prayer, man comes to discover in a very simple and yet profound way his own unique subjectivity: in prayer the human ‘I’ more easily perceives the depth of what it means to be a person. This is also true of the family.
— St. John Paul II (Letter to Families, 1994)